Brassard Gives MSG Crowd Credit for Goal

Fans always wonder if the players actually hear what they're shouting in the stands. Well according to Derrick Brassard, they do.

In this fan taken video of Brassard's goal last night, you can distinctly hear the crowd yelling shoot seconds before he releases the shot…

You have to assume Brassard was going to shoot and that was just a coincidence, right? Maybe not as Brassard said this about the fans' encouragement after the game (via Newsday)…

"The crowd was chanting 'shoot the puck.' I was going to [pass it] back to John, but I decided to shoot . . . You never know. You put the puck on net and good things happen."

…got to admit, I'm shocked to hear this. The Garden crowd is notorious for yelling "SHOOT!!!!" during the game, even if the Rangers have the puck behind the net, so I find it fascinating that Brassard actually was influenced by the chant.

…the MSG crowd has been credited for inspiring the Rangers to victory through their energy and passion, but this is the first time I can remember them having a direct impact on a player's actions. Amazing.

…and how about this Brassard guy? I think he's a keeper. Not sure where the Rangers would be without him. Actually, I do know, on the golf course.

Here's Brassard after the game…

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