Boyle Hotter Than Lundqvist? Now You Talkin’ Crazy

On Tuesday, Cosmopolitan released their 2013 list of hottest hockey players. Apparently, the way they decided to create the list was to have their readers nominate a hottie from each team.

So, the Rangers representative is obviously Henrik Lundqvist…right? I mean you can't have a hottest hockey player list and not include Hank. Right? I guess you can, as teammate Brian Boyle was chosen over the sexy Swede…

Brian Boyle, New York Rangers
Brian is hot. Brian all sweaty? Yummy.

Guess, I'm not the only one shocked by this development as Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy just assumed Cosmopolitan deemed Lundqvist "so sexy that his sexiness exists beyond the boundaries of this list."

Harrison Mooney also at Puck Daddy went a bit further…

"anyone that ranks hockey's studliest studs and omits Henrik Lundqvist forfeits all authority on the matter…If your hot hockey player list allows in any way for the omission of Henrik Lundqvist, you need to fix your list."

Cosmo responded by blaming their readers for the vote and added this on Lundqvist's sexiness…

"So let's talk about that. No question about it, Henrik is hot. In fact, we'll go so far as to say he's really freaking hot. The man's hair always looks good, he dresses better than celebs who get paid to look stylish for a living, and he's so talented it's crazy. Not only that, the man plays guitar. Seriously—could he get any cooler?"

…this is the last draw, I'm canceling my subscription.

…seriously, what women were surveyed for this list? Blind ones? And that's not a dig at Boyle, it's an indictment on how good looking Lundqvist is. Cosmo would have been better off surveying guys for the list, because no way we would have omitted the King.

…btw, can you imagine the trash talk from Boyle to Lundqvist in the locker room?

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