Boyle Doesn’t Think Rangers Are Done

via Paul Cuthbert at Hockey This Week.

After last night's demoralizing 2-1 loss to the Bruins, which put the Rangers in the unenviable position to come back from a 3-0 series hole, Brian Boyle tried to remain positive (via…

"We’ve got more hockey to play. We’re not done by any means."

…ummm Brian, yes you are.

…i can take a loss knowing the Rangers put forth their best effort. No shame in losing to a talented Bruins team, but the lack of emotion and heart with the season literally on the line was beyond disappointing.

…i've defended Torts a whole bunch on this blog, but for the Rangers to come out as flat as they did is inexcusable and falls directly at the feet of the Rangers head coach. Torts is a coach who's always gotten his players to dig down deep in the big spots, but it's just not happening in this series.

Here's post game video from last night…




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