Boomer Esiason Confronts Gary Bettman in WFAN Interview


In a Monday morning interview on the 'Boomer and Carton' show, Boomer Esiason wasted little time going after Commissioner Gary Bettman to vent his honest frustrations on the very late start to the NHL season. One of the first things Boomer asked the commissioner was the validity of a NY Post report of Bettman telling the players during a bargaining meeting that some General Managers across the NHL wanted to void some of the bloated contracts that were signed just prior to the CBA expiring last summer, to which Bettman vehemently denied.

When that info came to light, I didn't think there was any way a deal was going to get done. Little did anyone know, a deal was reached 36 hours later

Boomer also asked what the NHL's plans are to welcome fans back this upcoming weekend, to which Bettman responded by saying that there are "a variety of things that are being worked on, most of which are on a club by club basis." Bettman continued by saying that "they are in the process" of working with NHL Center Ice and NHL Gamecenter Live to offer services to fans at a heavy discount.

Boomer did push Bettman a little further asking the commissioner why not offer those services for free to which Bettman relieved himself of responsibility saying that the NHL "aren't the distributors" of those services and the NHL "doesn't have the luxury to give them away."

As much as I would love to have NHL Center Ice for free for the remainder of the season, I can understand why the NHL would have a hard time convincing cable and satellite companies to unlock Center Ice to everyone. What I don't get is not giving away NHL Gamecenter Live since that service comes directly from

Boomer did an excellent job representing the fans frustrations and disappointment towards the league. If their was one thing Boomer and Bettman did agree on, this run to the playoffs will be nothing short of extraordinary. Lets hope it ends #therightway.

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