Biron: We WERE Hard To Play Against

In a microcosm of the Rangers lack of toughness, not a single Rangers player responded to Marty Biron getting run twice during last night's 3-0 to Montreal. Unless you want to count Brian Boyle's token yell a few Canadiens players after the second one.

However, after the game it was Biron who addressed the Rangers hardness issues…

Let me highlight the important part for affect…

"We got pretty much the same core guys that were here the last few years. And we WERE hard to play against. We got to get back to that. That's the key for us. It's got to be part of our M.O. again."

…preach on brother! Although Biron should know that while the core is still intact the heart and soul were either traded away or not re-signed.

…after being run over twice without a response I don't blame Biron for indirectly calling out his teammates. And he's right. This is a soft team from top to bottom. I mean, could anyone really argue with Joe Thornton if he called the Rangers soft this year?

…if there's one thing that's ALWAYS responded to in the NHL it's a goaltender being run and for the Rangers to ignore it both times you have to question the heart of this team.

…having said that, the season is far from being over my friends. There's plenty of hockey left. However, this Rangers team needs to find their balls.

Here's video of one of the offenses…

…Canadiens had absolutely no fear of retribution. So why not crash the net? What makes it worse was the Canadiens basically laughing at the Rangers at the end of the game.

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