“Bieber Fever” Open Thread – 7/11/13

So yesterday Justin Bieber of all people made waves in the hockey world because of this pic of him standing on the Blackhawks logo while snapping a pic of the Stanley Cup (H/T Puck Daddy)…

Hockey fans across North America wanted the pop star drawn and quartered. But to be honest, I couldn't care less. Not everyone knows the rules regarding standing on the logo, so I very much doubt Bieber was doing anything malicious. And if the Blackhawks were so worried about it, why would they display the Cup right behind their iconic logo making it all but certain someone would walk across it.

Yes, the blog has officially "Jumped the Shark" but this is your morning open thread so anything goes. If you'd rather not talk Bieber then tell us about your beer of choice or when you think the Rangers might finally re-sign Stepan. This is your blank canvass, so get after it.

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