AV Expects Players To Figure It Out

John Tortorella was ultimately tuned out because the Rangers players found him to be over-baring and maniacal in his ways.

So, Glen Sather sent him packing and brought in a new coach who is the polar opposite with his hands off approach and his philosophy of self responsibility.

Here's an unnamed player on AV's coaching style (via New York Post)…

“He says what he says and then expects you to figure it out.”

…wow, so much for the coach being the teacher. I get that these are grown men who are ultimately responsible for learning AV's system on their own, but you'd think a new coach trying to install a new scheme might want to utilize practice as well as the video room to dissect any blunders with the guys individually instead of just addressing it orally and hoping the player properly understands it before breaking down the tape on their own. Most people, myself included, are visual learners and may need a real remedial walk through on the ice of what went wrong and how to rectify it before they're able to fully grasp the nuances of the situation.

…this statement along with others further proves AV's detached style of coaching, which, up until this point, the Rangers players are having difficulties adjusting to.

…it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this Rangers team is still very uncomfortable and almost confused in this new, fast paced offense. I'm still convinced, when healthy, the Rangers have the personnel to succeed under AV. So, maybe instead of changing to a more defensive system, AV should think about adjusting his coaching method to a style more conducive to the learning needs of his current team.

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