AV Already Trying to Save Face

“I’m not quite sure we have the personnel to play the type of game I’d like to play, which is more offensive-oriented. It’s a challenge scoring goals — I’m not saying we won’t get there — but right now it’s a big challenge, so we have to be [more] defense-minded. My job is to coach, analyze the personnel we have and put a system in place that best suits them. That’s what I’m trying to do now.” – Alain Vigneault after last night's 4-1 loss

…wow, talk about a guy trying to save face and deflect blame.

…i give AV credit for acknowledging he needs to adjust, but this is quickly turning into a cluster eff of epic proportions. So basically, the Rangers will have an offensive-minded coach implementing a new defense-oriented game plan for a group of players lacking the passion, effort and toughness to run it. What could go wrong?

…and this absolutely 100% falls on Sather. It's impossible to believe he properly evaluated his roster and the effects a coach with the skill set of AV would have on it. And even if Sather acknowledged during the hiring process that the Rangers personnel might have some difficulties adjusting to a more fast paced offense, you'd think he would have addressed that by doing more than sign an enigmatic winger, a defensive center who hadn't played in a year and a journeyman defenseman. A well placed call to Canucks GM Mike Gillis to see who might be available probably wouldn't have been the worst idea.

…two years ago, I did a complete 180 on Sather. I felt he was finally getting it. He wasn't just haphazardly buying the best players on the market. He was making shrewd moves to acquire character players whose contributions didn't always show up on the scoreboard. Now he's back to putting square pegs in round holes. He's more concerned about past performances instead of how that player fits into the roster. The shine from two years ago is officially off Sather. This guy needs to be shown the door ASAP.

…just look at the Rangers bottom six. It's a potpourri of players who don't fit well together. What are their roles? Shouldn't a third line be an energy line that offers some offense? Last night the Rangers third line was Richards-Boyle-Callahan. Ummmm, no. And a fourth line is supposed to be a tough, defensive-minded checking line. Last night it was Asham-Moore-Dorsett. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This roster needs players with distinct roles. A combination of scorers, playmakers, grinders and enforcers. Sather gutted the hardness of this team and until he finds a way to sufficiently replace it, they will never become a successful TEAM.

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