Audio: Torts Admits Rangers Miscalculated Impact of Losing Grinders

Yesterday, John Tortorella was a guest on the Michael Kay Radio Show (ESPN Radio) and discussed numerous issues including Marian Gaborik struggles, Chris Kreider's improvement, Marc Staal's status and more…

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Listen at ESPN Radio website by clicking here.

…really interesting to hear Tortorella admit that the Rangers organization miscalculated the impact losing players such as Prust, Dubinsky, Fedotenko, etc. would have on the team.

…the guys they lost are the type of players teams need to win in the NHL. But they're gone, so it's time to stop crying over spilt milk and hope guys like Asham, Newbury, Pyatt, Boyle and Powe can finally pick it up and spark this team into a playoff run.

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