Attendance At Vigneault Press Conference Could Be Telling

At 11am, a new chapter in the history of the New York Rangers will begin with the announcement of Alain Vigneault as the franchise's 35th head coach.

But Pat Leonard at the Daily News says the personnel in attendance could tell a lot more about the future…

"Richards is well-respected, and the Rangers would not put him in the position of standing at Radio City endorsing a head coach he never was going to play for. His presence, or absence, will shed significant light on what general manager Glen Sather has decided."

…obviously, as Leonard says, if Richards is in attendance it's pretty safe to say that he will not be bought out this summer (biggest jerkoff move in the history of sports if he is), but if he's not standing by Vigneault's side, I wouldn't automatically say he's gone. Could be busy training hard for next season. 😉

…to be honest, I hadn't thought about this scenario and it brings a little unexpected drama to the presser this morning.

Leonard notes another interesting plot line is if Mark Messier will be in attendance for the official unveiling of the man who beat him out for his "dream job."

…no matter what direction Messier decides (GM or coach), I really hope he doesn't feel disrespected by the Rangers organization and wants to stay. It would be a sad day to see him leave. Really hoping that he's at the press conference. Would be almost a slap in the face to Vigneault if he's not.

Finally, Leonard reiterates that Ulf Samuelsson and Newell Brown are the leading candidates for the assistant coach positions.

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