Are the Rangers Getting a Dance Team?

First there was the "Girls' Guide to Watching Rangers Hockey", now apparently a Facebook page has popped up for the purpose of securing support to create a New York Rangers Dance team named the Rangerettes. Here's the first Facebook entry…

"My intentions to start this team are to motivate the crowd at home games, be public figures for all Ranger fans, hold fundraisers blood drives and other money raising functions for the blue shirts and to hold clinics for younger girls and boys ( noones excluded) to dance and show support for the team they love! SHOW YOUR BLUE SHIRT PRIDE AND HELP ME GET THIS STARTED :) I want to do it all for NYR"

The page currently has 605 "likes" and is in the process of organizing try-outs.

This wouldn't be the first female entertainment at Rangers games, as many of us remember the City Skaters, who were disbanded back in 2007, after MSG had to settle a sexual harrassment suit with one of the ice girls.

…from what I can gather from the page, the Rangers have absolutely no affiliation with this potential dance team.

…while I appreciate the enthusiasm and I never turn down the opportunity to watch an attractive female dance in front of me (anyone have a couple of singles for me?), this seems very minor leaguish. If you need a prime example, see Islanders ice girls.

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