Apparently There Were Some Injuries Last Night (Girardi Ankle Not Broken)

The Bell Centre has been the Rangers "House of Horrors" the last few years, but last night it was taken to a whole new level.

Not only were the Rangers outplayed, they sustained injuries to key players that may have literally ended any chance the Rangers have of making the playoffs.

The first was to Ryan McDonagh, who according to Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record likely suffered a concussion on the play, when Max Pacioretty boarded him badly behind the net…

Now here's video of one of McDonagh's teammates jumping Pacioretty and pounding him into the ice…Oh wait, there is none because in typical Rangers fashion not a single Blueshirt even skated near the Montreal forward after the hit.

…and there's your problem Rangers fans. Absolutely no passion or emotion with this team. I'm not saying the Rangers shouldn't have traded Dubinsky for Nash or ridiculously overpaid from Prust, but man someone needs to grow a pair of balls on this team. Richards is supposed to be an alternate captain and he just stares at arguably the Rangers best defenseman get plastered into the glass.

…when your opponent doesn't fear you, this is what happens. They take liberties all game long without any worry of repercussions. And it doesn't have to come from Asham or Bickel. I saw more than once last year, players like Girardi and Boyle coming to the aid of teammates. So what the hell happened to this team's heart during the lockout? I can't figure it out.

The other injury was to Dan Girardi when he, as always, jumped into front of a 95mph PK Subban bomb and this happened…

…talk about a lucky break (no pun intented). Thought for sure his ankle was broken. Although, he still may miss a few weeks.

…i know Torts loves the blocked shot, but at what expense. The Rangers already had a season lost with a Cally broken leg on a Chara blocked shot and last year a revived Zuccarella was also fallen for the same reason. You have to wonder if it's time to scrap this strategy. Especially when they have a Vezina winning goaltender behind them.

…and you'd think if the Rangers are dedicated to the blocked shot, they'd at least know how to do it correctly. Girardi needs to be straight up so the puck hits his padding not an exposed area like his ankle. Although, I still have no idea what he's even doing out there on the penalty kill in a 3-0 game in the closing minutes.

…if these two are lost for a long period of time, I'm not sure how they survive it. Especially with Del Zotto ailing as well. Obviously Eminger can be re-inserted, but they still need at least one more guy. McIlrath? Trade?

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