Avery Deletes Comeback Tweet

Last night, after another punchless Rangers effort in Philadelphia, Pat Leonard of the Daily News retweeted this tweet from Sean Avery…

Unfortunately, this morning Avery deleted his orginal tweet and I didn't get a screen grab of it.

Avery has recently sold his restaurants, while his fashion agency was recently shut down.

…Avery likes to use social media to mess with fans (see engagement to Andy Cohen), so I'm assuming he's just trying to get a rise out of people. Especially Rangers fans looking for some kind of spark for their team.

…if he hadn't deleted the tweet I'm sure there'd be plenty of Rangers fans swimming in the Hudson to find those skates as we speak.

…i'm as big of an Avery fan as you'll find and the Rangers could use the kind of energy only he could provide, but his time has come and gone. I mean, there's a better chance of Brett Favre coming out of retirement than this happening. Wait, what?

Last season, Avery sent out a tweet calling John Tortorella a clown and that his players hated him.


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