Adam Oates Still Isn’t Over Losing to Rangers in Playoffs

In an exclusive interview with Chuck Gormley of CSN Washington, Capitals head coach Adam Oates opened up about his first season as a head choch, including losing to the Rangers in the playoffs. And it must be said: it sounds like a bunch of finger pointing and complaining.

On the series against the Rangers…

'' I think we played pretty good hockey for six-and a-half games. I don’t think we got the best shake with the referees, especially in New York [in Game 6]. I don’t think the discrepancy of the calls [five power plays for the Rangers, none for the Caps] were fair, but what are you going to do about it, right?  [Rangers goalie Henrik] Lundqvist played fantastic. I mean, my token answer to you is that Lundqvist played absolutely fantastic and we couldn't’ get through him. I talked to a lot of the guys about finding other ways to beat a good goalie and we could’t find other ways to get opportunities.''

– The fact that after a month has passed Oates is still blaming the refs for not calling a penalty in Game 6 confirms to me what I said last month about them losing the series on their own. He comes off completely immature and I blame him for his team's collapse in a series they could, and should have, won. He lost focus which trickled down to his team losing focus. 

– Nice to know Henrik Lundqvist got in their heads.

– More on Oates: grow up. First, he takes shots at the now-departed Torts, saying he'd 'easily' beat him up in a fight. Now, he's still blaming everyone but himself for losing in the playoffs. Oates has a lot to learn still as to what it takes to be a head coach.

– Divisional games against the Capitals are going to be tons of fun starting next season.

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