A Much Deserved Thank You

There will be plenty of time this offseason to worry about Henrik Lundqvist's "We'll see" heard round the world and a potential Brad Richards buyout, so I wanted to take a few seconds to thank all TheNYRBlog readers for another amazing year on the blog.

Despite the torturous lockout, you guys came back in full force. TheNYRBlog broke numerous traffic records this season and for that I am truly appreciative.

More important, however, was the sense of community that was created this year. Tons of great discussions and debate in the comments section that spawned some true camaraderie between Rangers fans.

I also wanted to give a special shout out to the game day crew of ThrSage, Josh6, AG_Blue, ATCRyan, Betweentheworlds, DPSnotty, McPhee37, AnnoyingJoe, GLENsatherVSglennDANZIG, cb1, ivanricov, IcyCup, NYRfanInNC, johnnyb3910, PenaltySh0t, jmacwilli, NYR44, GraigGiuliani, Hotfreak, jslnyr1102, JustinRP37, AL55S, dsclaw88, Rex_Havok, craig_atherton, Jack, Dminches, thecaptain, greggray24 and everyone else who makes TheNYRBlog game notes their home base to interact with other Blueshirt fans during games. My gift to you is this…


If you don't know what that video represents, you need to start visiting the game notes comments section more often. McPhee's pump-up speeches are worth it alone.

At this time last year, I was completely burned out and couldn't wait to shut the blog down. But because of you and a month vacation, I got that itch back and obviously started the blog back up.

While I could definitely use some time away from the blog again, I have every intention of keeping this thing going. And the biggest reasons are James, Adam and Neill. These guys not only did an amazing job creating insightful content for the blog they lifted a huge burden off me by doing game recaps which allowed me to enjoy Rangers games as a fan again, instead of a blogger looking for interesting angles to provide to the readers. I am indebted to all three.

While I can't predict how long the blog will continue to pump out great Rangers content (maybe until they finally win another God damn Stanley Cup), what I do know for sure is that the blog has been and always will be only as good as its readers and thankfully for me, I have the best readers in Rangersland and on the web.


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