13-9-1 Should Get the Rangers in the Playoffs

Adam Gretz at CBS Sports estimates that 55 points should be the cutoff to make the playoffs, so with the Rangers at 28 points through 25 games, they will need 27 points in their final 23 contests to qualify.

Gretz adds that the Rangers will likely need to go 13-9-1 to get to that magic number.

…despite how bad things look after that brutal loss in Buffalo this actually has me feeling very positive.

…based on Gretz' calculations, with the Rangers at 13-10-2, even if they continued with their inconsistent play, they should still be right on target to squeak into the playoffs.

…and with the talent on this team, I feel confident about their ability to at least play slightly better in the second half which should guarantee them a spot in the postseason.

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