Yahoo! Sports’ Series “The Essentials” Covers the Rangers

Puck Daddy’s series “The Essentials” over at Yahoo! Sports looks at all you need to know about the New York Rangers, from the essential chant (Potvin sucks!), essential game to even the essential player in frachise history which sparked some debate.

Player: Mark Messier

This one was hotly contested. Some said Messier, others said Rod Gilbert. Gilbert is definitely worthy of this title. He spent his entire career with the Rangers, has the most goals and points in Rangers history and is still a huge part of the organization. The fact remains, Messier won The Cup, and Gilbert did not.

On top of that, the Rangers have had almost a thousand players and many captains. But only Messier is “The Captain.”

  • Rod Gilbert does deserve some recognition. He was the franchise for so many years and still does a tremendous amount of work for them. However, fans only care about championships, and Mark Messier did what Rod Gilbert and countless other before him couldn’t do: bring a Stanley Cup home to The Garden. 
  • Props for inclduing the Dan Cloutier/Tommy Salo goalie fight, which outside of the Cup in 94, might be the best moment in franchise history. 

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