Wrage’s Wrants: 11/26/12

Going to try something new here. I'll give you some of the thoughts I'm having around the NHL, the Rangers or sports in general. Since the NHL Lockout is sucking any life hockey fans have left right out of their system, we here at The NYR Blog have to give our fans/readers something to enjoy.

– It looks like Operation Hat Trick was an immense success. The game was sold out, fans thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it looked like the players relished getting out on the ice again. And all for a good cause. Now there are talks floating around about a sequel game, possibly in Central Park. Sign me up!

– How about Adam Herman's bombshell from earlier today the NHL asked NBC not to televise the charity game? Sure Gary Bettman, I believe you and your gang of bullies when you say you want hockey to be played. 

– Capitals defense Roman Hamrlik lashed out recently at the Lockout, saying he's "disgusted." Some of his teammates refused to comment. I wonder why…maybe it's because he's out of touch and off base. Try being a fan of the team, or an employee who relies on the NHL for the paycheck but can't work at the moment. Those are grounds for being "disgusted."

– Continuing on this, Marty Broduer—smoked for 10 goals in the AC charity game in case you forgot—thinks Hamrlik's comments are "a sign of weakness" from the players. Can't disagree with that. Seems like both sides have their people behind the scenes frustrated the Lockout isn't over. 

– Bobby Ryan and Scotty Hockey getting into it on Twitter is hilarious. 

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