Win It for Boyle!

H/T to reader Nick D.

Here’s Rangers players on losing Brian Boyle for tonight’s do or die Game 6 in Ottawa (via Blueshirts United)…

Brad Richards…

“It hurts not having a guy like that. The only thing we are worried about, though, is his health. We can’t worry about the game. We are very confident we can go win a game tonight without him.

“Lots of teams have injuries. Can’t worry about it. (The Senators) just went through it and they’re doing fine, so it means nothing (playing without Boyle) except that we hope he is getting healthier.”

Ryan Callahan…

“It’s a big loss for us. Everyone knows the kind of playoff he’s been having, and how big he is for us in all parts of the game. It’s a big loss, but at the same time someone else has to step up. It’s part of the playoffs: guys go down, guys get injured.”

…hopefully the Rangers use the Boyle injury as motivation to absolutely run over the Senators tonight. Boyle is one of the more popular players on the team so yo know they want to win this one for him.

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