Will Rangers Grinding Style Grind Them Down?

NHL.com’s “30 in 30” feature on the Rangers continues with Dave Lozo looking at the biggest questions going into the season, including whether their grinding style will grind them down again this season…

“There wasn’t a player who was willing to admit to being tired, mentally or physically, during the postseason, but their play on the ice said otherwise. The Rangers have just as much talent as anyone with the addition of Nash, but maybe a little less grind and a little more finesse will help the club go further this season.”

…i say the answer is yes. I think you can only go with the Rangers current style of play for so long. Injuries and fatigue will inevitably set in and players will quickly grow tired of the shot blocking, body on the line every night of the season game plan.

…players like Girardi and McDonagh will easily lose years off their careers if they continue to play this way.

…now having said that, with the Rangers having more skill on the team this season, I really do feel that Torts will ease up a bit on this grinding style and implement some of his “safe is death” mantra from his Tampa days. Makes absolutely no sense to have guys like Nash, Gaborik and Kreider more focused on the defensive end. Especially when you have a Vezina winning goaltender behind them.

Other questions include Lundqvist, handling big expectations, line combinations, penalty kill and Kreider.

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