Welcome Rangers Fans!!!

"This blog will be the one stop spot for all that is the New York Rangers. I will have articles, columns, rankings and anything dealing with the Rangers on this blog. As well as a passionate Ranger fan, I am also a passionate fan of hockey so I will include entries dealing with all aspects of the NHL and hockey. Enjoy."

Five years ago today the above blog entry greeted Rangers fans on the first day The New York Rangers Blog was created.

That's right folks, something I started one night while bored in my house has somehow lasted FIVE YEARS.

And as I always say, the blog wouldn't have lasted a year without the support of my readers. You guys are the life blood of this thing and I am so appreciative of your support over the years.

I would have loved to do some kind of meet-up at The Flying Puck to comemorate the occasion, but with the lockout and now the devastation from Hurricane Sandy the last thing I'm in the mood to do is celebrate.

Maybe in a few weeks when life gets back to normal I'll do something. But until then I just want to thank everyone for five amazing years.

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