Torts/DeBoer Rivalry Within the Rivalry

It obviously all started with the line brawl game in March, but the hatred between John Tortorella and Pete DeBoer really started percolating this weekend after the Devils coach said Brandon Prust was a ‘headhunter’ to which the Rangers General responded by calling out the Devils for diving to get calls. And it all finally came to a head last night in the third period…

…i love this. Having two coaches who are just as passionate about winning as the players just adds more intrigue to a series already full of it. And with how good both of these teams are, we’re going to be treated to this rivalry within the rivalry for years to come.

…now the trick for Tortorella is trying to get his players to exhibit that same fire and passion on the ice because it has been sorely lacking in this series.

Neither coach would address the confrontation during their post game press conferences.

Larry Brooks has more on Tortorella’s gamesmanship here.

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