Torts: We Win & Lose As A Team

During a conference call this afternoon John Tortorella addressed the Rangers top players not being at their best (via New York Times)…

“I’m not, at Game 4, about to start naming names. We’ve had some people, secondary players, play some good minutes. But I’m not going to start naming names. We win and lose as a team here. We just don’t get it done in overtime. I thought we played a pretty good game, so we’ll just get ready for another one.”

…obviously Torts doesn’t need to be calling out his own guys in the media, but the Rangers best players (I’m looking at you Marian) need to pick it up or they’ll find themselves facing elimination in Ottawa on Monday night.

…not sure how Torts can sit there with a straight face and say they played a pretty good game last night. What aspect of their dormant offense could he have been happy about? Yes, I know that both Sens wins were in OT and could have easily gone the Rangers way, but that should make Blueshirts fans that much more upset because if they were playing even half as well as they did all season the Rangers could have easily swept Ottawa out of the playoffs already.

On the team being tired late in the game…

“Guys weren’t gassed. I thought our third period was the best period. That’s when, other than a couple of spurts they had, I thought that’s when we played our best hockey. I thought it was our best period, really, since the first game.”

…i think Torts needs to take a look at that tape again. The only guy who didn’t look gassed in that OT was Rupp and that’s because he only played three minutes of regulation time. If as Torts says, the Rangers win and lose as a team, why does he continue to only play his favorites?

Dave Lozo at has more from Tortorella here.

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