Today’s CBA Talks Mean Alot

After this weekend's informational conference calls between the NHL and NHLPA regarding the owner's recent CBA proposal, Katie Strang at reports that both sides plan to meet face-to-face today.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said this about today's meeting…

"Last two days were informational. No sense of whether we are as close as (Fehr) has suggested. I guess we will find out (today)."

According to Renaud Lavoie at RDS, no NHL owners will attend the meeting.

The NHL has also expressed the type of negotiations they expect tomorrow…

…just when I think the owner's can't get any more ridiculous, they go and do this. How in the world do they expect to get a CBA drafted if they aren't going to discuss the issues one by one?

…so basically the owners are demanding a counter offer they know they're going to reject. This strategy has me 100% convinced the owners want absolutely nothing to do with saving this season.

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