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Good friend of the blog, @TheBroadwayHat, recently sat down with Jim Cerny at Blueshirts United to discuss the Rangers chemistry building fedora. Here’s an excerpt…

– Could Lundqvist Retire the Broadway Hat with his amazing play: “To be permanently painted on Lundqvist’s goalie mask, I think, would be the perfect way to retire the Broadway Hat one day!”

– Will the Broadway Hat physically survive the rigors of the 2011-12 season: “Yes, it will surivive, but barely and not very well because this team will not stop winning!”

– The new tradition that the Broadway Hat has brought to the Rangers: “Team bonding…this has brought the team closer together”

– Birth of the Broadway Hat in Europe: “Almost a revelation that the team did not have a rallying point like this until a newcomer, Brad Richards, someone who hadn’t been here very long, introduced it to the boys. Very surprising. But a pleasant surprise.”

– The Broadway Hat on HBO: “A surreal moment as my Twitter began blowing up after that! But more importantly Rangers fans got to see how the Broadway Hat is handed out, and you could see what it means to the team.”

– Should the Broadway Hat be handed from one player to another or is it OK that Henrik Lundqvist threw it like a frisbee across the room to Mike Rupp after the Winter Classic: “They can do whatever they want to the Broadway Hat as long as they keep winning!”

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…i love the Broadway Hat and everything it represents. I think it’s phenominal that someone created a Twitter account for it.

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