The NHL Has Completely Screwed Itself

Roy MacGregor at the Toronto Globe & Mail reports on the findings of a major survey conducted by Level5 Strategy Group on the current perception of the NHL.

Here's Level5 chief executive officer David Kincaid on what they found…

“We found damage at levels we have not seen. It’s quite alarming, really.

“If anyone thinks that the lockout can end and everyone will come back to Happy Valley, it ain’t going to happen.”

Level5 added the NHL actually trumped BP after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill in negativity during the survey.

Meanwhile MacGregor made this observation on the results…

"The passionate fans are angry, the neutral fans turned off and bored, the mostly non-fans – the people hockey needs to attract if it hopes to grow – disgusted."

…you know you've hit rock bottom when the negative feelings toward you are worse than that of an oil spill which killed countless amounts of wildlife and destroyed a coastline.

…beyond the disappointment of losing another season, I'm more concerned about the future of the game of hockey. After seeing the results of this survey I don't think it's possible for the league to recover.

…how can we expect the teams that were losing money when the NHL was bringing in record revenue to survive when fans are going to be abandoning the game in droves.

…this was a huge miscalculation by the owners. They saw the increased revenue and thought they'd be able to push the players around again to increase their piece of the pie. Instead they ran into one stubborn SOB named of Donald Fehr. This guy doesn't care about hockey or the health of the NHL. He was brought in to win a labor dispute and that's what he intends to do. Even if it destroys the game in the process.

…i don't care how many "lockout solutions" the so-called hockey experts come up with. A solution to this dispute will only come when the owners and players drop their massive egos.

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