Stepan Doesn’t Know Much About His New Team

In an interview with Finnish media, it's pretty obvious Derek Stepan, who's never been to Finland before, knows nothing about his new team KalPa or how he was setup up with the club…

"I don't really know how it got hooked up. But someone through my agent, contacted him and we took off from there. Once they were interested, I was interested knowing what kind of league this is."

On what he knew about KalPa before signing with them…

"I didn't know anything about the team. I didn't know any players either. Trying to fit in the best I can."

…got to say, this is a bit of a leap of faith by Stepan. Playing for a team he knows nothing about in a country he's never been too. Guess when you've been sitting around for the last few months, you'll go anywhere to play hockey.

On how long his new contact is…

"I think it's for the remainder of the year."

…let's hope Stepan's agent read the fine print and made sure there's an out clause in his new contract.

To watch Stepan's interview, click here.

H/T to reader Joonas O.

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