Stamkos: Lundqvist Hardest Goalie to Score On, Loves to Split Kings

Steven Stamkos recently spoke with Cabral ‘Cabbie’ Richards of TSN on a myraid of issues, including who is the most difficult goaltender to score on…

“Probably, Henrik Lundqvist. The King. King Lundqvist. I was actually in Atlantic City, this is how cool the guy is, we were playing black jack and he split Kings on a six because he’s the King. I think he got two more Kings and he was going to split them again, we were like ‘no, no.’ I’ve scored a couple of goals on him actually, but he’s the toughest. He just has that aura around him, especially playing in New York City.”

…what an awesome story. God I’d love to be in Lundqvist’s entourage for a day.

…also pretty cool that the best goal scorer in the league thinks Hank is the toughest to score on.

H/T to Inferno over at HF Boards.

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