Some NHL Owners Would Accept PA’s Offer As Is?

Every New York Rangers fan’s favorite Columbus Blue Jackets beat writer Aaron Portzline has the scoop on a couple interesting developments regarding CBA negotiations. According to an anonymous source, as many as eight current NHL owners would accept the Player’s Associations initial proposal.

“I think as many as eight NHL owners would accept the NHLPA’s initial proposal,” said an NHL player agent who spoke to The Dispatch on the condition of anonymity. “And there’s probably four to six others who would find the proposal acceptable enough that they could tweak a couple of things and live with it.” 

If Donald Fehr’s plan was to bit owners vs. owners, after this revelation it seems that’s the direction it’s heading in. However, don’t expect any NHL teams to speak up during the lockout.

“The NHL has threatened a fine of at least $1 million to any club that speaks out during the lockout. Any disagreement would have to be confined to private talks among owners. One NHL executive told The Dispatch last week that Bettman has the “full support of every owner in the room right now.” 

  • If there are several owners that would take the NHLPA’s deal right now or live it after minor tweaks, then Gary Bettman does not have their full support if nearly half his owners are on the fence. It’s a different game than the 04-05 lockout, with too much money and credibility on the line. It will get real interesting if owners start going after other owners.

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