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During a recent segment on “Hockey Night Live,” Dave Maloney talked about what the Rangers lineup might look like next year and the type of players they could potentially add during the off-season…

…love how Maloney basically says if the Rangers give up the farm for Nash it will be a repeat of the Barry Beck trade that destroyed the Stanley Cup runner-up 1979 team.

…i have full confidence that Sather would never blowup the current team to bring in an on the decline Nash. Yes, the Rangers need offense, but they’ve seen the success of building from within, so no way Sather is going to change the philosophy of the team over night. Plus he said yesterday that they don’t trade youth.

…so if not Nash, who? Parise? To be honest I’d be shocked if he signs with the Rangers. Pierre McGuire was on Francesa yesterday and he talked about how much pride Parise has playing in New Jersey and being the captain of the Devils. Would be a huge slap in the face to the organization of he signs with the Rangers. My guess is that he’s Detroit bound.

…one RFA forward I’d love the Rangers to throw an offer sheet at is Evander Kane. Hard nose, 20-year old coming off a 30-goal season? Yes, please. Kane made $3.1 million last season. And if you’re not a Kane a fan, you will be after watching this…

Here’s more on Parise, as Pierre McGuire at says that Rangers will be among a very long list of teams leading the charge for the Devils captain this summer.


One player who will almost definitely be targeted by the Rangers this summer is Justin Schultz, as Jim Matheson at the Edmonton Journal notes that the Blueshirts are hot to trot for the U. of Wisconsin defenseman.

…Ryan McDonagh’s defense combined with offense? Double yes, please.

Speaking of McDonagh, Robert Vollman at has proof that him and Girardi are the top defensive pair in the NHL.

…they won’t be for long if Sather doesn’t get more depth on the blueline. No way those guys can keep up their level of play with all the minutes they log.

While he’s not a player, one guy who looks to be coming back is assistant coach Mike Sullivan after the Calgary Flames hired Bob Hartley to fill their head coach vacancy. Sullivan was said to be a top candidate for the position.

…great, another season of a dreadful Rangers power play.

For the Devils being disrespected, more Torts hate and a MSG renovation update, click the “Read More” tab below.


We’re all obviously rooting for the Kings to sweep away the Devils in the Stanley Cup Final. So watching them lose Game 1 in overtime was pretty sweet. Seeing them be disrespected is even better.

First, ABC New York’s Eyewitness News apparently thinks the Kings are playing the Islanders in the Stanley Cup Finals (via Deadspin)…

…i can see maybe a mistake with the logo, but the name too?!?!?!? And the Islanders?!?!?! They’re so bad they can’t even get tickets to attend the Stanley Cup Finals.

…the best part about this is that it burns both Devils and Islanders fans.

Next, SB Nation reports that NBC drew a 2.4/4 overnight for Game 1 between the Kings and Devils. That was down 25 percent from last year’s opening game between Boston and Vancouver, which drew a 3.2. It marked the lowest number for Game 1 since it returned to broadcast television in 2009.

…wonder if Filip Bondy still thinks it’s good for the NHL not to have the Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals.

…and what a terrible job by the Devils fans at the Rock Wednesday night. I’ve seen rowdier crowds at Disney on Ice.


I guess the guys over at the Daily News haven’t picked on John Tortorella enough recently, as their media guru Bob Raissman decided to jump on the “Rip Torts” bandwagon by critiquing his interviews with Frencesa and Kay…

“While listening to these sessions, conducted by Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa on WFAN and Michael Kay/Don LaGreca on ESPN 98.7, it was clear Tortorella had parachuted into the Valley of the Stupid on a mission. He had a message to deliver.

Those critical of the Rangers’ reliance on defense are know-nothings who “disrespect our players.” The coach mentioned — a few times — he is not upset “for myself,” but had a responsibility to protect his hired hands. The more Tortorella said this, the more it became evident he was upset over being dissed, too.”

…obsess much? Embarrassing display by the Daily News.


And finally, here’s a little update on the MSG renovations…

…i would have given you more but the MSG Transformation webpage was broke yesterday. Let’s hope the renovation goes a little bit better.

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