Shane Doan Wants to Stay in Phoenix, Recognizes it May Not Happen

In an interview done with TSN recently, free agent Shane Doan discussed his current status and what his mentality is as the ownership situation in Phoenix continues to weigh on him and his decision-making for his next contract.

“I’m doing everything I can to stay there and that’s kind of my goal. At the same time, I have to do some due diligence now in the fact that the longer it takes the the harder it seems to be to get a deal done in Phoenix.”

“I am going to try and give Phoenix every chance that I can. For me it’s going to be about my family and the right situation for us and the right situation for me as a player to have a chance to win and enjoy the game. That’s a big part of it, being in the right spot and enjoying it. There’s obviously a few teams that fit that.”

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  • Pretty telling words by Doan here. This ownership situation is forcing him to look elsewhere otherwise Doan, just by his tone, would be completely happy finishing his career out in the desert. 
  • At 35 and with a family, it’s very tough to think about such a life-changing event, but Doan has at least recognized its reality. He’s been a solider his whole career for that franchise and hopefully his loyalty is rewarded. Otherwise, New York has a home for you Shane. At the right price.

While we were told over the weekend that Doan has possibly cut down the chase for his services to three teams, Kevin Kurz of CSN California tells us the San Jose Sharks remain interested in bringing in the Coyotes captain.

Just on their terms, though.

“An NHL source has informed that if those demands are true, the Sharks will not be among his suitors, and that San Jose will not offer more than a three-year deal for approximately $4.5 million a season.”

  • San Jose has it right: sign to their terms or take your talents elsewhere. Glen Sather better be thinking the same way. 

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