Shane Doan Stays in PHX

After months of speculation, the Shane Doan saga ended Friday afternoon when Doan announced he was staying in Phoenix and subsequently signed a four year, $21.2 million dollar contract. Doan was in town a few months ago as part of a NHLPA contingent during CBA talks. He visited the Rangers and met with management to drum up how interested he would be playing 2000 miles away from home. Doan had indicated all along that if the Coyotes were able to secure an ownership group, as it seems they have successfully done, he would re-sign with the club.

Sarah McLellan at reports Coyotes GM Don Maloney and coach Dave Tippett met with Doan recently and seemed to convince him to stay and sign in Phoenix, even though the new ownership group currently has not secured 100% control of the team but are only a couple small obstacles away from doing so.

Doan personally is my favorite, current NHL’er that’s not on the Rangers. As much as I would’ve loved to watch Doan potentially raise a Cup in NY, I’m not so sure I would’ve been able to stomach a four year big money contract on the down-slope of his career. Also that contract could’ve inhibited the Rangers from signing their younger players which is a much higher team priority.

While we’re on the subject of conditioning and fitness today, check out this youtube video of Doan and his brother on the popular Canadian tv show ‘Mantracker.’ Incredible stuff. (fast forward to the :30 sec mark)

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