Shane Doan Interested in the Pittsburgh Penguins?

According to Penguins beat writer Josh Yoe of the Tribune-Review, free agent Shane Doan has more teams to visit and one of them could be the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  • Adding a quality veteran with much left in the tank such as Doan to an already deep team like the Pens would make them Cup favorites. Basically, I don’t want Shane Doan anywhere near the Penguins next season.


Our good buddy Aaron Portzline over at the Columbus-Dispatch has some news aside from Rick Nash, discussing how Donald Fehr has the next move in CBA negotiations. One thing Fehr is concentrating on is figuring out creative ways to help small-market teams—like the Blue Jackets—keep up with power houses like Toronto, Detroit and the Rangers in terms of revenue.

One idea being floated around is trading money—or salary cap space—between teams.

One source told The Dispatch that Fehr “has considered lots of creative ideas.” One idea, the source said, would allow small-market clubs to “trade” their salary-cap space to wealthy clubs for draft picks or cash.

“The mechanism isn’t hard to come up with,” Gary Roberts said. “It’s the internal politics of it that make it difficult to put in place. You have the most wealthy, most powerful owners in the sport who are going to rise up and fight this.

  • I like this idea, as you see a form of it in baseball where teams can agree to pay a portion of a contract to make a trade. Allowing NHL teams to trade money or cap space would help revive big trades for sure, giving the sport some more visibility. So, that means someone would take Wade Redden at a discount price then, right?

Ian Mendes of the Ottawa Citizen expanded on this idea, claiming it’s something fans want to see because it would help bring back blockbuster trades, which always creates a buzz in any professional sport.

A more radical idea would be to allow teams to trade cap space, so if a team like Phoenix has $20 million in dead cap space, they could move $5 million of that to the Philadelphia Flyers in a trade. Or maybe you can allow teams to trade a maximum of $3 million cap space at the deadline for deals that are about to expire.

Mendes claims fans would also like to see teams disclosing financial terms on contracts, eliminating no-trade clauses, mic’d up referees and changing the playoff format so teams can play division opponents in the first two rounds.


Finally, Sam Charchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirerreports Paul Holmgren and David Pollie—GMs for the Flyers and Predators, respectivly—have spoken just once since Shea Weber signed a 14-year, $110 million offer sheet with Philadelphia.

The Predators have until 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday before having to make a decision on whether to sign the offer sheet or let their franchise defenseman leave.

  • C’mon Nashville, pony up the dough. I do not want any part of Shea Weber six times a year. In all seriousness, I don’t see how Nashville can match. The contract is purposely “poison-pilled” to force up-front money in bonuses—money the Predators simply don’t have.

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