Senators 1, Rangers 0 (Faux Game 8)

In an effort to lighten the mood during the lockout, The New York Rangers Blog will be writing faux recaps for every Rangers game missed due to the work stoppage. Enjoy.

Kanata, ON – Hurricane Sandy is not only wreaking havoc on the east coast of the United States, it's affecting the NHL schedule as well.

The megastorm has grounded the Rangers in Carolina, so they were not able to travel to Canada to take on the Ottawa Senators tonight.

However, because of conflicts at Scotiabank Centre for the rest of the season, the game could not be rescheduled so the teams agreed to let a coin flip determine the outcome of the game.

Heads the Rangers win 1-0. Tails the Senators win 1-0.

Gary Bettman flipped the coin at the NHL offices in New York City and it landed in favor of the Senators.

"Tails never fails, baby," said a jubilant Jason Spezza.

The Rangers were obviously not as enthusiastic…

"Man, this Bettman guy never gets anything right," John Tortorella explained after the game.

The Rangers are now 5-2-1 on the season.

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