Scouts Messed Up With Girardi

girardiuglysweaterIn a piece on Dan Girardi’s hometown of Welland being pround of their native son, Christopher Botta at the New York Times has this quote from the undrafted Ranger defenseman’s junior coach Mark Foster…

“The scouts just messed up when it came to Dan,” said Forster, who also coached Paille on the Cougars. “He was a great kid who quietly went about his business. His play and his stats have never been flashy. What the N.H.L. teams didn’t take the time to learn about was his intensity to get better. Before I got to coach him when he was 14, I knew Danny was determined to make it in the N.H.L.”

…ummm, ya think scouts messed up? It amazes me that Girardi was able to shut down Crosby in the 2005 Memorial Cup and still no one took notice. No one but the Rangers that is. Between being able to sign an undrafted Girardi and getting Lundqvist with the 205th pick in 2000, I’d say the Rangers have been able to grab a couple of diamonds in the rough recently.

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