Scott Hartnell Sounds Off on NHL Owners, Claims They Pulled a “180”

Philadelphia Flyers player representative Scott Hartnell went to the media after the latest round of CBA negotiations to vent his frustrations as Tim Panaccio of CSN Philadelphia has the scoop. Having already attended six meetings thus far in the offseason, Hartnell believes the owners made out pretty well for themselves during the 04-05 lockout and have now pulled a “180.”

“To use Gary [Bettman’s] own words, it’s a systemic issue,” Hartnell said this week. “He doesn’t want to look at the rich teams or the teams that are losing money. He wants to look at them all together which is a total 180 from what it was seven years ago.

“It’s up to us to see if it’s feasible or not. But you look at the rollback and percentage they want and it’s more concessions then we gave up last time around.” 

The main issue during the last CBA was cost certainty or, in basic terms, a salary cap and creating parity in the league. The owners got that, along with their sport seeing a re-birth in popularity and record revenues. The smaller-market teams like Nashville, Carolina, Tampa Bay etc. have seen themselves benefit for the minor revenue sharing they receive as well as fielding championship teams (Carolina in 05-06).

Hartnell cuts right to the chase in some more candid quotes to the media.

“What is all comes down to is, they [owners] want a bigger piece of the pie.”

“… We’re not going to take a deal where Ryan Suter and Zach Parise sign $100 million deals only to take a 24 percent cut and get paid 76 million. I don’t know if owners were thinking that’s why they signed these guys to that kind of money, but it’s a little ridiculous to me.” 

  • Hartnell is one of those players you hate to play against, but love to have on your team and, since he’s a Flyer, I’m obligated to not like him. However, he’s 100% right on the money with his quotes. Like with everything else in life, it’s about money. The owners want to stuff their already deep pockets till capacity. The difference this time is the owners know another work stoppage could severely damage the sport whereas last time they were willing to wait however long it took to get their demands. 

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