Scab Players on the Way?

In a bit of a bombshell on Monday, Josh Rimer from NHL Home Ice had on former Toronto Maple Leafs GM and agent Bill Watters said this:

Man, could you imagine if THIS came to fruition? We could see the potential return of players like Wade Redden or even Sean Avery?!?!

All kidding aside, the chances of this happening are far-fetched at best. This is just one way the league can test the solidarity of the NHLPA in hopes of getting a new CBA tilted towards the owners. If this scenario happens to occur, teams would struggle to fill out rosters with aging, un-signed veterans looking for a quick & easy payday. Younger players in the AHL and ECHL wouldn't dare cross the picket line in fear of being alienated by other players. Teams may even go as far as holding public tryouts to fill out rosters. I can't imagine fans coming out and paying any kind of money to see these guys play, I know I wouldn't.

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