Sauer Making Tremendous Progress; Doan’s List; & Let’s Go Rangers

RangerBoy over at HF Boards found an interview Dave Maloney did with 630AM CHED out of Edmonton on Tuesday in which he states that Michael Sauer is making tremendous progress in his recovery from post concussion syndrome (12:40 mark)…

“Apparently he’s making tremendous progress. He’s feeling a lot better. So you take Tim Erixon out of the mix, there’s a hope or a thought that Sauer is better….there’s a lot of hope that Michael Sauer can be the Michael Sauer of two years ago.”

…wow!!!! This is almost as huge as the Nash trade. If Sauer can be back for the beginning of the regular season, the Rangers defense could go from one of the best in the NHL to THE best.

…couldn’t be more excited to hear this.


In Shane Doan news, it sounds like he’s whittled his group of 16 suitors down to five or six (Arizona Republic)…

“I say there are three or four that he’s very serious about,” Doan’s agent Terry Bross said. “There’s probably two more that he has a lot of interest in.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if we had a decision next week.”

H/T to Spector Hockey.

…i’d be shocked if the Rangers aren’t one of those six teams. Despite Sather’s rehabilitation the last few years, I’m still worried that he’s going to overpay for Doan. Don’t do it Glen!

…he’s a third line player on this team, no need to pay him like a first line one.


And if you’re not ready to say “I love you” to your girlfriend yet, just say this instead…

H/T to reader Matt P.

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