Sather Supports Torts’ Line-up Decisions

In an interview with Larry Brooks at the New York Post, Glen Sather says he’s leaving all the line-up decisions to John Tortorella…

“It’s completely up to Torts to play who he wants, when he wants, as much as he wants,” Sather says. “He has to put out the guys he trusts the most.

“This isn’t the time of year to have debates. It’s the time for me to be totally supportive. Everybody has to be supportive of each other.”

…while I haven’t been too excited with Torts’ personnel decisions during the playoffs so far, I like that Sather isn’t medling with the line-up. No need for any internal struggle during this time of year. For teams to make a run in the playoffs, the entire organization needs to be on the same page.

Sather also admits that Chris Kreider is playing tight, but adds who wouldn’t be in his position.

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