Sather Speaks on CBA, DZ Contract, More

Rangers GM Glen Sather (fresh off his Caribbean cruise) briefly spoke to a few reporters Sunday afternoon before the Rangers dog walk charity event on the topics of collective bargaining & Del Zotto’s contract status as well as Rick Nash & the unsigned crop of free agents around the league. Here are some of the highlights, followed by the clip provided by Blueshirts United

Re: ongoing CBA negotiations
Sather: ” I think it’ll play itself out, one way or the other.” Sather went on to way that he’s “always optimistic” but that optimism is based “purely on stupidity.”

Not exactly earth-shattering news by any stretch. I think he knows in his heart that the NHL is heading for a lockout but there is only so much the executives of the NHL can divulge at the moment.

Re: offseason to date/Rick Nash
Sather: “I think its been terrific, its not very often you get an opportunity, to sign somebody or make a deal like Nash.

Absolutely stunning that Sather was able to keep his top prospects from going to Columbus. Erixon is no slouch, but in the end he couldn’t beat out Stu Bickel for the sixth defenseman spot and became expendable.

Re: Del Zotto’s contract
Sather: “He’ll come to his senses. We’ve been down this road before with guys who’ve just come out of their entry level contracts, we’ve offered them a fair contract… we’ll have to see if it changes in the CBA.”

If that isn’t a small swipe at Dubinsky, I don’t know what is. You can’t blame Glen for playing hardball and waiting out a players’ contract demands. The wait and see approach has worked for Sather in the past and will probably work again. Sather later implied that he is holding steadfast with his offer right now with Del Zotto and that offer will remain on the table.

Re: remaining unsigned UFA’s & RFA’s
Sather: “There are still some guys that have to be signed, but no one is really talking to the players anymore right now.”

That’ll upset the twitter “hockey insiders”.

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