Rupp/Asham Ready to Create Some….Offense?

When you think of Mike Rupp and Aaron Asham playing together on the fourth line, the words pest, chaos and toughness come to mind. But Rupp tells Blueshirts United the word offense should also be added…

“I have had some success playing with him. And if that’s the way the lines shake out this year, then I think we can have a fourth line that could add a little more production than we had last year.”

Rupp scored nine goals and totaled 17 points, the second highest totals for each category in his career, while playing on a regular shift with Asham in Pittsburgh two years ago. Rupp had just four goals and one assist during his first year on Broadway.

But let’s not make any mistake, they’re out there to energize the crowd and stick-up for teammates, as Rupp adds…

“Asham is not the biggest guy, but he’s one of the tougher guys I have fought in this league and played with in this league. He has that no-nonsense approach, the style we like to play here.”

…while I’m still not a huge fan of the Asham signing, I hope he ends up being one of those players you hate when he’s on the other team, but love when on yours. Sort of like Avery.

…as far as offense from the fourth line, even just a couple of extra goals could go a long way towards this Rangers team once again contending for the Stanley Cup.

For video of Rupp & Asham fighting, follow the jump.

Here’s there first fight against each other in Rupp’s second NHL game…

…Rupp you just got owned.

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