Rupp Does His Best Avery Impression

There wasn’t much to get excited about last night, but this picture put a smile on my face this morning…

Here’s video of the exchange…

…what actually might be better than Rupp’s shove on Brodeur was him absolutely dumping Bernier when the Devils forward tried to jump in. Hysterical.

…and how was that hit by Rupp a penalty? I don’t care what McGuire says, he didn’t leave his feet and elbows were down. Roughing? That’s a joke. Bettman typical.

According Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record, John Tortorella said he’s not worried about Rupp being suspended because of the punch.

Rupp was not available to the media after the game.

Marty Brodeur said this about the punch (via Bergen Record)…

“It hurt a little bit my jaw. I think he hit me in the chest and I think his fist went up to my mask. It kind of surprised me more than anything. Now I know I can take a punch.

“I was minding my own business for real. I never really get in it with anybody especially not him, he’s so big. I turned around and he wanted to get somebody and I was the first target for him to hit. … I think it’s a good sign I guess when they take liberties with our players. It means they’re getting off their game a little bit. It’s not like I was going to hit back anyway.”

…is Brodeur kidding me? Rupp didn’t even punch him. It was more of a shove and he did the typical Brodeur flop. He actually should have gotten a penalty for diving.

…despite all the fireworks in the third period, as has been the case all playoffs for the Rangers, I really doubt there will be much of a carry over.

…Rangers will be better not because Rupp shoved Brodeur in Game 4, but because they get some actual puck possession through their forecheck.

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