Robinson: Rangers Are Popping Champagne, Smoking Cigars

Filip Bondy at the Daily News reports this scene from the Devils just minutes after they were defeated by the Rangers last night…

The Devils marched silently through a corridor at the Garden, having buckled and bowed, 3-0, in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. The crowd was still cheering in the background, still making a fuss about the opening victory while the Rangers saluted their fans with sticks raised at center ice. The notion of such an elaborate, early celebration clearly irritated assistant coach Larry Robinson.

“They’re popping champagne, smoking cigars,” Robinson said, loud enough for his players to hear. “They think they’ve got this thing won. They’ve done this before.”

…is Robinson kidding me? The Rangers do that after every game to salute their fans. Get a clue.

…so if the Devils win Game 2, is Robinson going to scold his own team for high fiving each other because the series would only be tied. Get over yourself.

H/T to reader Jack.

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