Richards Training in North America to Remain Healthy

In an interview with Joe Brescia of the New York Times, Brad Richards discusses why he won't be playing hockey overseas during the lockout…

"I’m going to skate and train through the week and just be tested and 100 percent healthy when the time comes to start."

…Richards might have been smart to share that advice with Rick Nash.

On his first season in New York…

"I really deep down was only happy with my last 20 games and the playoffs. That being said, I was hard on myself and tried too hard at times because of coming to New York. Now I am more prepared after a year."

…while he's goals were clutch, his numbers early in the season were disappointing, but that goal with 6.6 seconds to tie Game 5 against the Capitals made up for any shortcomings he may have had during the season.

Here's my favorite answer from Richards during the interview…

Q. You’re learning to play guitar. Who is your favorite guitarist?

BR. Edge.

…here's why that answer is so awesome…

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