Richards Talks Body, Training Camp; Boyle Begins Workouts & Top Rangers Pic

Brad Richards ESPN Body Magazine interview came out today and one of the subjects he discussed was the intensity of training camp workouts…

Describe your toughest day of training.

BR: Training camp is the hardest thing we do all year. It starts with on-ice testing: six sets of three-lap sprints, which take between 39 and 43 seconds, depending on how fast you are. Then a two-mile run and skating: turning for time, figure 8 drills, sprints, stuff like that. The next day we do more sprints to get in the range of a shift. Then we start the training camp — the actual scrimmages and all that — and do all the skating after. It’s a week to 10 days of really intense skating, which is good because once the season starts you’re playing too much to work on conditioning. You have to set your base then, so that’s the hardest time, harder than what we go through on the ice.

To read the rest of Richards body interview, click here.

…if you want to learn more about Richards’ thoughts on his own body definitely check out the rest of the interview. But for me the most interesting part was him describing the rigors of training camp. I almost pulled a hamstring just reading this.

Speaking of workouts, looks like Brian Boyle has begun getting ready for next season with his morning workout group.

…after reading Richards’ take on Torts’ training camp, these guys better start getting back in shape now or they’ll never make it.

Finally, the Rangers announced the #1 pic of the season, the post game celebration after Marc Staal’s overtime winner in the Eastern Conference semi-finals against Washington…

…tough to argue with that one. One of the best moments of the season for sure.

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