Richards’ Shootout Struggles

richardsclutchLarry Brooks at the New York Post points out some disturbing statistics regarding Brad Richards lack of success in the shootout this season…

“For the sixth time in six shootouts, the Rangers called on Brad Richards out of the two-hole.

For the sixth time in six shootouts, Richards, who came to New York this season with an estimable 25-for-60 mark (41.67 percent) in the skills competition, failed.”

…sounds like Richards needs some extra help after practice with shootout specialist EC. You know what, forget that. Keep EC as far away from Richards as possible.

Brad Richards acknowledges that it has started to effect him mentally…

“It’s definitely in my head a little bit,” Richards said. “You don’t just go in with the same approach when you’re 0-for-whatever.

“It hurts not to come through.”

…I’m not saying this because I was against the Richards signing from the beginning, but if you take away the couple of clutch goals he had early this season, the Rangers prized off-season acquisition has been average at best during his first season on Broadway.

…wasn’t he supposed to help the power play?

…although, as long as the Rangers continue to win, you have to consider the signing a success.

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