Redden is Sour About Time in New York

In an interview with, Wade Redden discusses his disappointing tenure with the Rangers…

"I definitely have a sour taste in my mouth from how things went in New York."

Redden adds that he has been treated very well in Hartford and his time there has been positive.

…maybe if you didn't suck so bad, your time with the Rangers wouldn't have been so sour. Best outlet pass in the NHL, right Glen?

…having said that, I give Redden a ton of credit for sucking it up, going to Hartford and making the best out of a terrible situation. Time and again you hear about the positive influece he's had on players such as McDonagh, Del Zotto and Bickel.

Redden also touched on the unique situation he's in, being a locked out AHL player…

"It is a pretty rare case, I guess. My mindset now is that hopefully it’s written into the new CBA where stuff like that won’t happen or make it harder to happen so you get a guy like out of that situation."

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