Rangers Will Look Like Blue Jackets If They Trade for Nash; Your New York Football Rangers

Kevin McGran at the Toronto Star reports that the Rangers organization would have been gutted if they traded for Rick Nash at the trade deadline…

“Other teams, notably the Rangers, refused such high demands at the trade deadline. It was noted recently to the Star by one Ranger front-office employee that Howson wanted so much, the Rangers would look like the Blue Jackets by the end of the trade.”

…what’s crazy is that Howson is still making these ridiculous demands. He’s in fantasyland if he thinks an NHL team is going to empty out their coffers just to bring in one player. Especially when every team on Nash’s list (Rangers, Bruins, Red Wings, Sharks, Flyers and Penguins) is already a Cup contender without him. Each of these teams would probably end up being worse off with Nash and no one supporting him.

…kudos to Sather for not caving to Howson and giving us another reason to start trusting him.

H/T to reader Andrea G.


And for those always on the lookout for interesting Rangers apparel here’s the newest New York Football Rangers t-shirt straight from a street market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Reddit.com)…

…this is what happens when you pay overseas workers two cents an hour to make t-shirts.

…there’s so much insanity going on in this shirt I don’t even know where to begin. Even if it was supposed to be the Giants, why is it orange?

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