Rangers Not Exactly Excited About Moratorium Idea

Katie Strang at ESPN.com was able to speak with Brad Richards and Ryan Callahan about Gary Bettman's ridiculous idea of a two-week moratorium on CBA talks…


"I don't know what good that's going to do, I don't know what the tactic is. We want to get to the table; we feel we're close. … We've indicated to them in the last meeting and … it seems like they don't want to listen to that. They want to create this other view that we're so far apart."


"I don't see the point behind that. I know we want to negotiate. It doesn't make sense to me."

Well, it looks like Richards and Callahan won't have to worry because both sides plan to get together tomorrow…

…officially the fastest two weeks ever.

…and the rollercoaster ride that is the NHL lockout continues.

Speaking of moratoriums, Bill Simmons at Grantland hits the nail on the head (H/T to readers Chris B. & Graig G.)…

"If you want to talk about moratoriums, Gary, here's a better idea — step down and give us a lifetime moratorium. From you."

According to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, if the season is canceled, the Rangers will lose at least $50 million.

…lets go Dolan, help end this lockout. You will go from hated to hero among Rangers fans.

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