Rangers, NHL Fans Chime In on Lockout

Over at USA Today, several NHL fans were contacted for their thoughts on the NHL lockout currently in progress. During an obviously frustrating, getting a chance to vent can be a form of catharsis for all NHL fans.

Here’s New York Rangers fan Charlie Vidal, 22, and his thoughts:

…”Don’t they learn from history? Everyone’s greed is what prevented them from playing and operating before. They know the fans come first, but truth is, they only care about themselves.”…

  • Charlie, you’re more right than you even know.

On a lighter note, you know you have it as a malcontent with fans when a 16-year old is laying the smackdown on you.

Philadelphia Flyers fan Mark Kremer, 16

…”No wonder Bettman gets boos every time he steps on the ice in an NHL venue; he’s made ‘NHL labor dispute’ as inevitable as death and taxes.”…

  • Might be the smartest Flyers fan I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about.

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